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Welcome to Ozu Washi



For over 360 years, our shop in Tokyo's Nihonbashi district has carried the finest traditional Japanese washi paper from all over Japan. We also have a museum, gallery, classroom, and studio. Through our online presence, we hope to further share the charm of washi and other Japanese traditions.


Our Values

Strength, kindness, and warmth characterize the spirits of the many people who supported the development of washi over its 1,300-year history. As a company, we have inherited these values and strive to impart them in everything we do.



Historical Highlights

In 1653, our founder, the then 29-year old Ozu Seizaemon-Nagahiro, opened a paper wholesaler in the commercial district of Edo (now Tokyo). This area is now known as Nihonbashi.

In 1698, Seizaemon established a separate company wholesaling cotton and began to deal in Matsusaka Momen, a specialty product of Matsusaka, his hometown.

In 1899, the Ozu Bank was established in Matsusaka City, and business boomed.

In 1923, the Great Kanto Earthquake destroyed the entire Tokyo facility, and we had to start again from scratch. In between these events and during the past century, we have steadfastly worked to convey the charm of washi and Japan's other great cultural traditions.